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Next Generation Business Advisory

FifthEagle provides a range of business advisory services to help companies grow, become more profitable and ultimately reach their goals.

Welcome To Fifth Eagle

FifthEagle’s professional community makes C-Suite executive leadership available to clients of every size and industry on an ‘as needs’ basis.

Our ‘C-Suite as a Service’ (CSaas), offers a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution to clients who require the expertise and insights of an executive level consultant, but don’t necessarily have the workload or budget to engage that calibre of professional in a fulltime capacity.

Whether you need in house expertise to prepare and list on the stock exchange or an executive leader to assist with key decisions and set strategy, our CSaaS Consultants act as inhouse, trusted advisors with the commercial nous to deliver the outcomes your business demands.

Our Services

CFO Consulting

Through our C-Suite as a Service model, access top level CFO’s and finance teams through our on demand model.

HR / IR Consulting

Gain a competitive advantage by accessing the right people and HR practices through our C-Suite as a service model.

Virtual Chair

Have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals who have built a career and reputation as experts in growth, trade, export, structure and strategy.

Sales Training Consultancy

Grow revenue through increased sales by improving sales capability and culture.


Fundamentally outsourcing recruitment makes strong business sense.

Financial Services

Get support in both sourcing and structuring your business finance.


We engage Fifth Eagle for finance and HR services. The business world is ever evolving and it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. It was refreshing to work with Fifth Eagle professionals to gain fresh external insights and this certainly refocuses the overall strategy. The team at Fifth Eagle is highly professional and very easy to deal with. Highly recommended!

Leigh Doyle - CEO - Zoo Business Media 
Leigh Doyle - CEO - Zoo Business Media


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