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Next Generation Business Advisory

FifthEagle provides a range of business advisory services to help companies grow, become more profitable and ultimately reach their goals.

Welcome To Fifth Eagle

We provide a range of commercially driven business advisory services.
You may be able to relate to some of the challenges below that our clients regularly face.
We can help you get your business on the right track for growth.

Is Your Business Keeping You Awake At Night?

Owning and operating a business can be stressful. Staying on top of finances, managing staff
and satisfying customers is a difficult role that only you can appreciate.
FifthEagle’s range of business advisory services can help you stay on top and get you ahead
to where you want to be.


Do You Need Help With Business Strategy?

A clear and easily executable business strategy can often mean the difference between
failure and success.

FifthEagle’s approach to developing your business strategy is to ensure you achieve your
short and long-term business objectives through practical and meaningful planning.


Worried About Your Business Structure?

If your business structure isn’t right for where you want to go, then you won’t be able to
grow and achieve your goals.

FifthEagle can help you establish the best business structure.


Do You Have The Right Team To Go To The Next Level?

People are what make a great business, but without the right team you may be placing a
handbrake on your growth.

FifthEagle have the insights to help you build the best team so you can take your business to
the next level with the right expertise.


Need Help With Optimising Your Cash Flow?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company, and any problems with it could be a symptom of
an unhealthy business.

FifthEagle knows the pitfalls and positives of cashflow management and can help you
ensure yours stays in shape for future growth.


Debt Uneasily High Or Costing You Too Much?

Most companies rely on some sort of debt to operate and grow, but if left unchecked it can
affect your businesses potential.

FifthEagle have a range of debt management strategies coupled with finance options to help
you breathe easier with your borrowings.


Having Challenges With Your Team?

Managing a workforce can be a difficult and complex task, especially when challenges arise
with their performance.

FifthEagle’s HR expertise has been honed through many years’ experience working with
boards, executive management and team members to help manage any issues that arise.


Struggling To Find The Right Talent By Yourself?

Finding the right person to help grow your business can sometimes feel like searching for a
needle in a haystack.

FifthEagle’s recruitment capabilities, including our C-Suite as a service, has the widest
reaching networks to help you find the best possible candidates.


Are You Meeting Your Employee Legal Requirements?

Most companies are unaware of their employee legal requirements, often placing them in
situations that cost money or worse end up with a legal dispute.

FifthEagle’s industrial relations service can help make you aware of your legal obligations
and successfully steer you through any legal minefields.


Our Services

C-Suite as a Service

Get access to executive talent without the full-time employment price tags.

Financial Services

Get support in both sourcing and structuring your business finance.

People Services

Gain a competitive advantage through the right people and HR practices.

Projects & Consultancy

One-stop service for projects of a larger, more complex nature.


C-suite-as-a-service provides new mindset needed to grow a business

C-Suite as a Service provides access to a broad range of executive expertise that can occupy key roles such as chief executive officers, chief financial officers and marketing directors on an as-needs basis.  This may involve fill-in roles for short-term projects or...

Eight-speed economy the new challenge for business

Australia is facing an eight-speed economy as an avalanche of conflicting forces converge to create an unprecedented air of uncertainty for business owners. When the mining boom was in full swing a decade ago, businesses were grappling with a two-speed economy. Put...

HR industry expert joins Brisbane business advisory firm

Gold Coast based human resources (HR) specialist Kelli McDougall has joined Fifth Eagle as a partner. Ms McDougall was most recently director of HR and recruitment consultants Ukoo who provided services throughout Queensland and NSW. Her new role will include managing...